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Do you want to go birdwatch with the possibility to see the most quantity of birds?


In a 6 day journey, discover the astonishing landscapes, passionate culture, and incredibly beautiful birds around one of the richest and most diverse Colombian. 

Tour 8 Days 
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Day 1


Day 2

Chicaque/Sumapaz N. P.

Day 3

La Calera 

Day 4

La Florida Park

Day 5

Chingaza Natural Park

Day 6

Moterredondo Guayabetal

Day 7

Rancho Camana Reserve

Day 8

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This Days tour focuses on providing you with a high-quality birding experience. With a starting point in the capital city of Bogotá, our first stop will be in the Chicaque National Park and Sumapaz Paramo (Eastern Andes) searching for some interesting birds like hummingbird feeders and tanagers.

Our next destination will be La Calera Hummingbird observatory, a private place where you can find a great variety of hummingbirds and other birds.  Be part of this incredible trip where you’ll get the best of both Regions Andes. Mesmerizing landscapes and incredible birds only found in these mountains will be waiting for you.


The next day we will explore La Florida Park Wetlands and El Jardín Encantado two key hotspots where we will dedicate time to the Endemic and Near-Endemic birds. Then we will be in Chingaza National Park where we will visit a great spot with a lot of birds and impressive landscapes, plus the possibility to encounter with impressive mammals. 

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