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1 Day



  • 5:00 Pick up at a hotel and drive to Cocorná.

  • 7:00: Breakfast at El Palacio de Los Frijoles, a typical restaurant where we can also find some interesting birds at the feeders.

  • 8:00:  Birding along the road that leads to a dam. In this road we can find quite amazing birds including Endemics and Specialties such as the Beautiful woodpecker (E), White-mantled barbet (E). We will certainly keep an eye on the sky where is possible to see the Black Hawk-eagle and on the bushes to see the (NE) Black-headed Brush-Finch, besides other interesting birds such as the Swallow tanager, Cinereous becard, Rufous-tailed Jacamar just to mention some

  • 10:00: Snack

  • 10:30: We will continue birding along the road looking for more birds one of the targets are Striolated Manakin, Blue-necked Tanager, Bar-crested Antshrike, White-bearded Manakin, Long-tailed Tyrant, Black-faced Dacnis among others.

  • 1:00: Lunch at El palacio de los Frijoles

  • 2:00: Return to Medellín.


La Romera Eco-Park

  • 6:30 Pick up at a hotel and drive to La Romera Eco-Park

  • 7:30: Arrival to La Romera Eco-Park a nearby location that is an excellent place to find the Red-bellied grackle (E & EN), Colombian Chachalaca (E) and Stiles's Tapaculo (E). Another of our exceptional targets here will be the Near Endemic and elusive Yellow-headed manakin.

  • 9:15:  Snack

  • 9:30: We will continue looking for some birds such as Emerald toucanet, Sickle-winged Guan, Squirrel Cuckoo, Andean Motmot, Golden Tanager, Green Jay, Scrub Tanager and many more.

  • 12:30 We will have a really nice Box Lunch in the field.

  • 1:30:  We will continue birding along the road and looking for more amazing birds.

  • 3:00: Return to Medellín.


Chicaque Natural Park

  • 6:30 Pick up at a hotel and drive to Chicaque Natural Park.

  • 8:00: Arrival To Chicaque Natural Park and hummingbird feeders (some of the species you will watch here are Golden-bellied Starfrontlet (Coeligena bonapartei), Gorgeted Woodstar (Chaetocercus heliodor), Glowing Puffleg (Eriocnemis vestita)

  • 8:30 to 8:40 Listening to the Natural Park Guidelines by the Park staff.

  • 8:40: Looking for Tanagers in the entrance of the park and some mixed flocks. Some of them are:

Saffron-crowned Tanager (Tangara xanthocephala) Beryl-spangled Tanager (Tangara nigroviridis

  • 9:15:  Snack

  • 9:30: Road to el Refugio during this road you will look for Guans, toucans and many more birds.

Some of them are: Emerald toucanet (Aulacorhynchus albivita),Andean Guan (Penelope montagnii)

  • 12:30 Arrival to el Refugio and Lunch

  • 1:30: Birding in the surroundings of El Refugio and Robledal where species such as and Green-and-black Fruiteater (Pipreola riefferii)

  • 3:30: Back to El Refugio and drive in Jeep back to the entrance.

  • 4:30: Drive to the Hotel.


La Calera and Siecha Wetlands

  • 7:00 Pick up point and drive to La Calera Bird Observatory.

  • 8:30:  Arrival to La Calera locality and birding in the main road.

  • 9:00: Arrival to Bird Observatory Listening to the guidelines and begin looking for some amazing birds around this area, some of them are Sword-billed Hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera), (NE) Blue-throated Starfrontlet (Coeligena helianthea), (NE & NT) Coopery-bellied Puffleg (Eriocnemis cupreoventris), Great Sapphirewing (Pterphanes cyanopterus).

  • 10:00: Snack

  • 10:30  We will continue looking for some birds such as Black-tailed Trainbearer (Lesbia Victoriae), Green-tailed Trainbearer (Lesbia nuna) and Red-crested Cotinga (Ampelion rubrocristatus).

  • 11:00: Transfer to Siecha Wetlands.

  • 12:00: Lunch at La Granja Naranja

  • 1:30 Arrival to Siecha Wetlands, although there are many specialties such as the Andean Teal, Andean Duck, Noble Snipe and Band-tailed Seedeater, Rufous-browed Conebill our Main targets in Siecha Wetlands will be the Endemic Bogotá Rail and Apolinar's Wren.

  • 4:00: Return To Bogotá.

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