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Day 1

Arrival to Bogotá International airport.

Day 2 -  Birding in La Romera and El Jardín Andean Cock of the Rock Lek

Flight to Medellín, In the morning we will visit La Romera Eco park, a nearby location that is an excellent place to find the Red-bellied Grackle (E & EN), Colombian Chachalaca (E) and Stiles's Tapaculo (E). Another of our exceptional targets here will be the Near-Endemic and elusive Yellow-headed Manakin. Trasnfer to El Jardín, Antioquia. In the afternoon we will visit the Andean Cock of the Rock lek.

Day 3 - Yellow-eared Parrot Reserve

Early morning we will visit the Yellow-eared Parrot ProAves Reserve, to have a better chance to see the (E & EN) Yellow-eared Parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis) and the (E & CR) Dusky Starfrontlet (Coeligena orina). We will cover a montane rain forest that ranges from 1900-3000 m.a.s.l. looking for these and other specialties Night at El Jardin Antioquia.  

Day 4 - Ventanas Road

This day we will focus on Ventanas road in the morning where we will have the chance to look for the Purplish-mantled Tanager (Iridosornis porphyrocephalus), Golden-crowned Tanager (Iridosornis rufivertex) and Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia pyrrhophrys), Chestnut-crested Cotinga (Ampelion rufaxilla) and many more.

Transfer to Las Tangaras ProAves Reserve Chocó

Day 5 - Chocó Cloud Forest

We will visit the amazing Chocó forest and hummingbird feeders where it would be possible to find the Violet-tailed Sylph (Aglaiocercus coelestis), Brown Inca (Coeligena wilsonii), Velvet-purple Coronet (Boissaneaua Jardini) Purple-bibbed Whitetip (Urosticte benjamini), Brown Violetear (Colibri delphinae), Purple-throated Woodstar (Calliphlox mitchellii) among many others. We will cover the main road and we will look for more specialties.

Day 6 - Las Tangaras Trails

We will look for incredible birds all day in the different trails that this Reserve has. During this day we will have chances to see Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys), the Toucan Barbet (Semnornis ramphastinus), White-headed Wren (Campylorhynchus albobrunneus) and Black-chinned Mountain-tanager (Anisognathus notabilis). Further in the trail Black Solitaire (Entomodestes coracinus), Beautiful Jay (Cyanolyca Pulchra) and many others.

Day 7 - Chocó specialties

We will go over the reserve main road to get some of the birds that we might have missed. We will certainly look for special birds such as the the Indigo Flower-Piercer (Diglossa Indigotica) and Glistening-green Tanager (Chlorochrysa phoenicotis), Club-winged Manakin (Machaeropterus deliciosus), Yellow-collared Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia flavirostris) and much more. In the afternoon we will head to the city of Medellin where we will spend the night.

Day 8 - Cocorná

We will transfer from Medellín to Cocorná where we will stop in a very good birding spot; this stop includes some Endemics such as the Beautiful woodpecker (E), White-mantled Barbet (E).and Specialties such as (NE) Black-headed Brush-Finch, Rufous-tailed Jacamar and Swallow tanager. After Lunch we will head to El Paujil Pro-Aves Reserve.

Day 9 - Natural Reserve El Paujil Blue-billed Curassow

We will go over the Reserve trails looking for our main target the Endemic and Critically Endangered Blue-billed Curassow (Crax alberti) and looking for other specialties, such as: White-eared Conebill (Conirostrum leucogenys), Red-billed Emerald (Chlorostilbon gibsoni), Northern Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus) and Black-billed Flycatcher (Aphanotriccus audax).

Day 10 - Paujil Natural Reserve

We will explore other trails, since it is a quite big reserve, looking for some targets of this amazing lowland rainforest such as Sooty Ant-Tanager (Habia gutturalis), Black Antshrike (Thamnophilus nigriceps) and Bare-crowned Antbird (Gymnocichla nudiceps) and the (E) Magdalena antbird (Sipia palliata). And at night we will look for owls.

Day 11 - El Paujil trails

This morning will be dedicated to cover the Reserve trails for more birds and on our way to Río Claro we will make some stops along the way for some birds such as (NE) Northern Screamer, Black-breasted Puffbird and many more. In the afternoon we will checking in Rio Claro Reserve and make the most out of the last light of the day to look for look for Barred Puffbird, Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher and White-tailed Trogon among others.

Day 12 - La Cueva del Condor

We will go to "La Cueva del Cóndor” just a few minutes outside the reserve. Here the Black-faced Antthrush (Formicarius analis), Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant (Myiornis atricapillus), The Southern bentbill (Oncostoma olivaceum), Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum) are possible. After a full birding morning we will go back to the reserve to clean the main road where the Endemic Antioquia Bristle-Tyrant (Phylloscartes lanyoni), Sooty Ant-Tanager (E), Blue Cotinga (Cotinga nattererii), Blue-crowned Manakin (Lepidothrix coronata) and more are possible.

Day 13 -Río Claro trails

In this day, we will cover some of the trails in the reserve, where many birds can be seen, some of them are Saffron-headed Parrot (Pyrillia pyrillia), Rufous Motmot (Baryphthengus martii), Golden-headed Manakin (Ceratopipra erythrocephala) the latter one with a Lek. The trails are good for Antbirds as well; Chestnut-backed, Dull-mantled and Bicolored Antbird are possible, also the Pacific Antwren (Myrmotherula pacifica) and (NE) Bar-crested Antshrike - Thamnophilus multistriatus. In the Afternoon we will flight to Bogotá. 

Day 14 - Return Back home

 International flight back home.

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