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Images: Special Thanks to Daniel Orozco, Wilmer Quiceno, J. Esteban Berrío, Jose Luis Pushaina, Ferney Salgado for providing pictures for the video productions.

Tour Map


Do you want to go birdwatch with the possibility to see the most quantity of birds?

In a 14 day journey, discover the astonishing landscapes, passionate culture, and incredibly beautiful birds around one of the richest and most diverse Colombian 

14 Days 

Day 1

Arrival to Bogotá International airport.

Day 2

Flight to medellín La Romera - Jardín

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

RN Tangaras - Chocó

Day 6

RN Tangaras - Chocó

Day 7

RN Tangaras - Chocó

Day 8

Cocorná / RN Paujil

Day 9

RN El Paujil

Day 10

RN El Paujil

Day 11

RN El Paujil

Day 12

Rio Claro

Day 13

Rio Claro - Flight to Bogotá

Day 14

Bogotá - Back Home

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