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Do you want to go birdwatch with the possibility to see the most quantity of birds?

In a 14 day journey, discover the astonishing landscapes, passionate culture, and incredibly beautiful birds around one of the richest and most diverse Colombian 

14 Days 

Day 1

Arrival to Bogotá International airport.

Day 2

Flight to medellín La Romera - Jardín

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

RN Tangaras - Chocó

Day 6

RN Tangaras - Chocó

Day 7

RN Tangaras - Chocó

Day 8

Cocorná / RN Paujil

Day 9

RN El Paujil

Day 10

RN El Paujil

Day 11

RN El Paujil

Day 12

Rio Claro

Day 13

Rio Claro - Flight to Bogotá

Day 14

Bogotá - Back Home

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Images: Special Thanks to Daniel Orozco, Wilmer Quiceno, J. Esteban Berrío, Jose Luis Pushaina, Ferney Salgado for providing pictures for the video productions.
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